Discreet Drop How-To Tutorial

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Step 1

Sign Up to Discreet Drop

It's easy, it's free, there's not much to say! All you need is an email address and a password and you're all set! If you have any more questions about Discreet Drop or how it works, feel free to check out our Frequently Asked Questions for answers, visit our trust and safety page for details on our security procedures to keep your information safe and private, or feel free to contact us with any additional questions.
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Step 2

Complete Your Shipping Profile

Go to your dashboard page and click on Update Shipping Profile to complete your shipping profile. In order to streamline the process from when we receive a package for you to shipping it out for final delivery, we require your shipping profile to be completed with your address and payment information saved and ready to use. This allows us to be have all the information we need on hand to quickly and properly process your shipment so you get your package as soon as possible. Your unique Discreet Drop address will not be created unless your shipping profile is filled out.
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Step 3

Find Your Unique Discreet Drop Address

After you've filled out your shipping profile, your dashboard page will have a panel listing your unique Discreet Drop address. It's the address to our facilities containing a unique code that will identify your packages to you so we can keep track of all your orders. Your dashboard will also contain a timeline of all your orders we've processed. You can manually add new orders if that would help you personally keep track of your packages, but this is not required as we will automatically create a new order for every package we receive for you.
Find Your Unique Discreet Drop Address

Step 4

Use Your Discreet Drop Address as Your Shipping Address When Checking Out Online

Copy and paste your unique Discreet Drop address as the shipping address when checking out online, instead of using your usual shipping address. Any online retailer will be able to accept this, just be sure to use our name as well as both address lines for the street address so your packages will arrive at our facilities with your tracking code so we will know exactly which packages are yours.
Use Discreet Drop Address When Checkout Online

Step 5

Monitor and Track Your Package on Your Discreet Drop Dashboard

Once your package arrives to our facility, we will simply place it in a larger box with additional packing peanuts for protection, so all the original logos, labels, packing slips, customs forms, and holes will be covered up and completely discreet! You can return to your dashboard page to see a detailed order tracking system for each package we process for you. Here you'll be able to view how large each incoming package was, who it was from, check which step in the process we're on in processing the package, see the payment details, and get a detailed summary of the outgoing package details including the estimated shipping time and tracking number, so you can track your packages from when they leave our facility on their way to you!
  • Discreet Drop order created.

  • Package received by Discreet Drop.

  • Credit card charged for outgoing shipment.

  • Package double-boxed and shipped via USPS.

  • Delivered!

Step 6

Receive Your Package 100% Discreet

Your packages will arrive to the address you've specified in your shipping profile in a 100% discreet plain-box, with all logos, return labels, packing slips, customs forms, and holes covered up, so nobody but you will be able to figure out what's in your private packages.
Discreet Box at Door