100% Discreet Shipping as Easy as Possible

With our streamlined dashboard and automatic shipment processing system, we give you a unique address to ship your packages to, and Discreet Drop will take care of the rest.

We Turn This

Box With Logos Labels Holes and Packing Slips

Into This

Clean Discreet Plain Box

The Discreet Drop Process

Discreet Drop is the only way to guarantee 100% discreet shipping on any package, from any seller. Discreet Drop offers a way to cover up any and all logos, return labels, packing slips, customs forms, and holes in the packaging so nobody but you will be able to figure out what's in your private packages. Even websites that advertise discreet shipping will still have a return label with a company name and return address, a packing slip, or a customs form; all of which can be easily Googled that'll indicate what kind of item is in your package.

With this in mind, we've created Discreet Drop as the only solution to cover up those privacy issues, literally. Discreet Drop offers an easy process to double-box your packages to cover up any obvious logos or branding, return labels, packing slips, holes; anything that can act as identifying information and can be used to signal what's in the box is hidden. We serve as a shipment processor, where you can ship your packages to us via a unique address, from any online store. We then double-box the package to cover up any external logos, return labels, packing slips, and even holes; anything that can act as identifying information and can be used to signal what's in the box. Easy.

With Discreet Drop, packages will arrive in a 100% discreet plain-box; with no logos or branding to attract attention from anyone, no labels to reveal the contents of the box, and won't have any identifying information that can be used to figure out is in a package. Only you will ever know what is in your packages.

Privacy is important, and with Discreet Drop, your personal packages remain private, so only you will know what's in your packages. As discreet as possible, as easy as possible. See our frequently asked questions or our trust and safety guidelines for more information on the Discreet Drop process. We've also created a handy pricing calculator to help estimate the shipping costs from us to you, depending on the item's size and your location.

We Put Your Identifiable Box in a Plain Box


Plain-Box Packages in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1

Generate Your Unique Discreet Drop Address

Once you create a shipping profile with your address (so we quickly know where to ship your packages to once they arrive) and credit card info (we use Stripe to keep your information secure, and only charge once we have a package to send out to you), you'll see a unique Discreet Drop address for you to send your shipments to.
Find Your Unique Discreet Drop Address

Step 2

Use That Address as Your Shipping Address When Buying Online

When checking out anywhere online, use the unique Discreet Drop address from Step 1 as your shipping address instead of your usual home address so your items will be sent to our package processing center with the unique code in the address to let us know that your packages belong to you.
Use Discreet Drop Address When Checkout Online

Step 3

We'll Receive Your Package and Hide All Logos and Return Labels

This is where we take care of everything for you! Since you completed a shipping profile, we'll enter your package into our system and then double-box it to cover up any logos, return label addresses or names, packing slips, or even holes in the original box. Then we'll determine the lowest-cost shipping rate via USPS using our Commercial Plus Pricing account, charge your payment information stored on Stripe (you can use our convenient pricing calculator to estimate the shipping costs), and ship it out to the address we have for you on file, all without you having to do a thing! Like we said, we take care of everything!
Discreet Drop Diagram

Step 4

We Ship Your Now Plain-Box Package Automaticaly to You

That's it! You can sit back, relax, and have the confidence knowing that your package will arrive to your home in a 100% discreet plain box, with no logos or return labels to reveal what's inside. See our frequently asked questions or our trust and safety guidelines for more information on the Discreet Drop process.
Discreet Box at Door

We Take Care of Everything For You

Discreet Drop hides all logos and return addresses

Only you would know what's in your private shipments

Discreet Drop Package Diagram

Still Not convinced? Here's a 90 Second Explainer Video!

Keep Your Shipments a Secret