Frequently Asked Questions

Discreet Drop is a Buffalo-based startup founded in 2017 by Kevin Skompinski, serving to create a way to make sure that every item people order can arrive to them as discreet as possible. We serve as a shipment processor, where people can ship their packages to us via a unique address, we double-box the package to cover up any external logos, return labels, packing slips, holes; anything that can act as identifying information and can be used to signal what's in the box. Then we ship the plain box out to the customer so it will arrive completely discreet, and nobody but the customer would be able to figure out what's in the package.
Discreet Drop is the only way to guarantee 100% discreet shipping on any package, from any seller. Discreet Drop offers a way to cover up any and all logos, return labels, packing slips, customs forms, and holes in the packaging so nobody but you will be able to figure out what's in your private packages. Even websites that advertise discreet shipping will still have a return label which has a name and return address, both of which can be easily Googled that'll indicate what kind of item is in your package. Privacy is important, and with Discreet Drop, your personal packages remain private, so only you will know what's in the box.
Lots of reasons! If you live in a home with multiple people, apartment complex with a common area, dorm housing for college, or just live by yourself but aren't always home to receive your packages, discreet packages will help prevent anyone else from figuring out what you've ordered online. This is helpful for hiding your personal items that you want to keep secret from everyone else, concealing gifts you've ordered for other members of your home to prevent them from finding out what it is, or just hiding desirable brand logos from attracting any unwanted and potentially costly attention from others. Discreet Drop uses plain-box packaging to hide all identifying information, so nobody else will be able to figure out what's in your package.
That just means that the box they ship in doesn't have any obvious logos or branding on the side. The package will still have a return address on the label, and with a quick Google search of that return address or name on the label, will instantly show the website of the seller who sent the package. Anyone can do this to figure out what's inside your package. International orders must also have an attached customs form to enter the country with a detailed list of the items in the box. So while they may offer discreet shipping, it's not really discreet and there are several easy ways to figure out what's in any box. The package can also be easily ripped or opened in transit, and our system double-boxes your packages to prevent any holes from appearing that'll show what's inside your shipment. Discreet Drop prevents anyone but you from knowing what's inside your package by covering up these return labels, packing slips, customs forms, and holes, in addition to any logos on the box is a seller does not offer discreet shipping in the first place.
Yes! We live in the information age and all that information is just a quick Google search away. Even if your packages don't contain any obvious logos, the return label will ALWAYS be visible and either the name or return address on that label can be easily Googled, with the top results showing the company that sent your order. It doesn't take much from there to figure out what kind of items are in the box, and anyone can figure out what is in your package. With discreet Drop, we remove that possibility from happening to keep your secret items truly a secret.
Of course! All you need is an email address and a password. It's free to sign up and maintain an account with Discreet Drop.
Honestly, it depends! Shipping costs vary greatly depending on the size and weight of the package you've ordered. We've built a simple pricing calculator page that you can use to estimate the latest shipping costs, depending on your best guess as to the package size and weight of the item you've ordered. Shipping will also cost more depending on how far away you are from our processing facility, so the pricing calculator page can help you see how much shipping to your zip code will be. The pricing calculator page also provides a breakdown on the shipping cost and our small fee we need to charge to cover processing, handling, and shipping materials for your package. Discreet Drop uses the lowest-cost Commercial Plus Pricing through the USPS to provide the cheapest possible shipping rates for you.
Once you sign up and complete your shipping profile, your dashboard page will contain a unique generated Discreet Drop address. Use this address instead of your normal home address when checking-out online, so your packages will be sent to our facilities instead. From there, we receive your package and place the entire box into a slightly larger box to cover up any and all logos, return labels, holes, packing slips, and customs forms. Then we send the completely discreet plain-box package containing your original package to you in a double-box for additional item protection. Since your Discreet Drop address is unique, we know exactly who each package we receive belongs to, and we automatically handle the payment details and shipping destination according to your shipping profile, without you having to do anything. You use this same Discreet Drop address for any number of packages as you'd like, and we'll handle them all without a problem. We make this as easy as possible.
Here at Discreet Drop, we take package security very seriously. When your packages arrive to our facility, we keep them secure and track them at every stage for protection until we hand them off directly to the USPS for delivery. Your packages won't get lost or stolen under our watch. We will also update you on every stage in the process, so you can check your Discreet Drop dashboard for updates and tracking numbers for all your packages we receive, and will email you all important updates so you don't need to keep a close eye on the status of your package if you don't want to. Please visit our trust and safety page for more info.
Privacy is kind of our thing around here. At Discreet Drop, all your personal information is protected and encrypted so your personal information and account info never falls into the wrong hands. Likewise, your credit card and payment information is securely handled via Stripe and never touches or is stored on our servers, so we are fully PCI compliant. Your information will never be sold or transferred to a third-party. Please visit our trust and safety page for more info.
You can find our privacy policy page here. In short, we will never sell or otherwise transfer your personal information to a third-party, and do everything we can to keep your private information secure.
In order to create an account, all you need is an email and a password! That's it! In order to generate your unique Discreet Drop address and start using our service, you need to complete your shipping profile with your address and payment information.
By using Discreet Drop, you are agreeing to not use our service in a manner to launder, transfer, or conceal any items that are illegal to ship domestically in the United States via the Unites states Postal Service. All items shipped to Discreet Drop for processing must be legal to ship and possess in the United States regardless of user age or location. Discreet Drop may not be used to ship or handle illegal items including but not limited to:
  • Drugs
  • Drug Paraphernalia
  • Guns
  • Weapons
  • Ammunition
  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol
  • Live Animals
  • Flammable Liquids and Explosives
  • Illegal Pornography
For more information about our shipping rules and policies, please read and understand our terms of service.
Nothing! It's free to sign up and there are no fees for maintaining an account. If you do complete your shipping profile but never end up using Discreet Drop, don't worry, we will only ever charge your card if we receive a package to process and send out to you.
Feel free to visit our our contact page here and send us an email any time, and we'll be happy to help answer any questions, or just chat. We're friendly!
Like many other trusted startups, Discreet Drop relies on Stripe to handle the storage and processing of all our payments and credit card info. This way, your payment information is always 100% secure and is never stored or even touches our servers. We use the latest SSL certifications and HTTPS security layers to further keep your information secure when interacting with Stripe. Since we never handle or store your payment information, we are fully PCI compliant so your credit card information will always be safe and secure. For more information about Stripe's security policies and procedures, please click here.
In order to streamline the process from when we receive a package for you to shipping it out for final delivery, we require your shipping profile to be completed with your address and payment information saved and ready to use. This allows us to be have all the information we need on hand to quickly and properly process your shipment so you get your package as soon as possible. It will also allow you to keep your Discreet Drop address saved with your sellers so you can use it any time without having to visit your Discreet Drop dashboard to generate a new code, so if and when we ever get a package for you, we'll know just what to do with it without having to contact you and get payment information every time in order to send your package to you, saving time and effort. If you end up signing up but never using Discreet Drop, don't worry, we will only ever charge your card if we receive a package to process and send out to you.
You can go to your dashboard and click on the 'update shipping profile' button to go to your shipping profile page, where you can update your address or credit card information at any time. It's important to keep this information up-to-date to prevent any possible delays or problems.
All of them! We can accept packages from FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL. So you don't need to worry about what shipping company the seller you're ordering from uses, we accept them all.
We use the USPS for most of our packages we send out! We only use FedEx for oversized or overweight packages that the USPS won't accept.
In a completely discreet 100% plain cardboard box with no logos. The only label will have our return address, and that won't have any hints or clues as to what package is inside the box. Inside our box will be your package, with it's original box containing logos and forms and return label still attached, so it'll be up to you to figure out what to do with that original non-discreet packaging.
Unfortunately not. We ship within the United States only. We can receive packages from international sellers, but we only accept United States addresses to ship to at this time. Otherwise we need to fill out a customs form detailing the contents of the package, and that will defeat the entire purpose of our service.
All of them! We give you an address just like any other that you enter instead of your home address. So any package from any seller can be sent to your unique Discreet Drop address, and we'll send it to you in a completely plain box package covering up all logos, labels, and holes.
Yes! Since many online sellers use FedEx or UPS to ship packages, we will send those same packages back out to you via the USPS, and they can deliver your package to your PO Box. We even recommend this if it's an option for you, since that'll give you even more privacy when it comes to receiving your packages in a discreet manner.
USPS has a combined length plus girth limit of 130 inches. This will cover most packages ordered online. Anything larger but below 170 inches will need to be sent out via FedEx.
USPS has a weight limit of 70 lbs. It will be rare for any average online order to exceed this weight limit.
If your package ends up exceeding the 130-inch combined length plus girth restriction the USPS has on packages, your package will be sent out via FedEx which is the cheapest option in handling larger packages. FedEx has a combined length plus girth restriction of 170 inches. Since this option costs more than using USPS normally, we try to avoid using it unless absolutely necessary.
We are proudly based in Buffalo, NY!
For more information on who we are, feel free to visit our about us page and learn about our company and team!
Once your package arrives to our facility, it won't take more than a day for it to be process and sent out to you. After that, it usually takes around 2 to 4 days for the package to be delivered to you, depending on your location.
Nope! We strictly take your package that we received and simply place the entire box in a slightly larger box with packing peanuts to cover up any and all logos, return labels, holes, packing slips, and customs forms. We never open your packages or see what's inside.
You can find helpful press details, high-quality logos, style information, and free-to-use assets by visiting our press and style guide page.
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