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What is Discreet Drop?

Discreet Drop is a Buffalo-based startup founded in 2017 by Kevin Skompinski, serving to create a way to make sure that every item people order can arrive to them as discreet as possible. Privacy has become a pseudo-luxury in today's digital age, with any information being available just a simple search way. We've identified this gap in privacy protection with all the information and identifiable logos a shipped box provides to anyone who may see it. Logos, packing slips, and customs forms are obvious clues as to the contents of a package. Even merchants who advertise discreet shipping still have a return label on their packages which lists the seller's name and address; both of which can be quickly Googled to reveal what's in any package. We've realized that if you're not handling your package at all times, your privacy is vulnerable on any shipment. Only the recipient should know what's in their package.

Yes, but what do you do?

With this in mind, we've created Discreet Drop as a solution to cover up those privacy issues, literally. We serve as a shipment processor, where people can ship their packages to us via a unique address, from any online store. We then double-box the package to cover up any external logos, return labels, packing slips, and even holes; anything that can act as identifying information and can be used to signal what's in the box. Finally we ship the plain-box out to the customer so it will arrive completely discreet, and nobody but the customer would be able to figure out what's in the package. Easy.

With Discreet Drop, packages will arrive with no logos or branding to attract attention from anyone, reveal the contents of the box, and won't have any identifying information that can be used to figure out is in a package. Only the customer will ever know what is in their packages.

Our how it works page has more information about the Discreet Drop process and explains, well, how it works! Discreet Drop is the only way to guarantee 100% discreet shipping on any package, from any seller.

Our Team

Kevin Skompinski

Kevin Skompinski is an entrepreneur and software developer who graduated from the University at Buffalo in 2013, and is the founder of Discreet Drop. I've had the idea for Discreet Drop for a few years now, and after learning the necessary tools to build modern web-applications, decided to finally craft my own startup from scratch with as much care and attention to detail as possible. I now serve as CEO, sole developer, and package processor.

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